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  • Network: Ethereum ERC-721
  • Total Supply: 10,000 Crocs
  • Presale price: Free mint.
  • Buyers Limit: 20
  • License: CC0
  • Over 160+ Traits - Millions of Possible Combinations
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Each 100% unique and hand-drawn Funky Croc collectible is programmatically and randomly generated from over 120 different traits. A Funky Croc has its own set of unique features that emerge from the following trait options:

  • Skin
  • Background
  • Eyes & Eyewear
  • Clothing
  • Headwear
  • Accesories

Each trait has a rarity index that makes some Funky Crocs more mind-blowing than others.

While there are a few extra unique ones, all Funky Crocs are beautiful reptilian specimens.


Skin: Green (10%)

Background: Red (10%)

Eyes & Eyewear: 3D Glasses (3%)

Clothing: Yellow Basketball Shirt (2%)

Headwear: Hipster Hat (2%)

Accesories: Nose Piercing (8%)

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New roadmap coming soon.

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